Hello, This is my Gallery of Personal Cels. I have my most prized cel of Baby Goku holding a dragonball in the Dragonball Movie #4 Road to the Strongest. I have tenchi cels, Bomberman cels, A cel of Brolly and Cell. Please enjoy my cels. Thank You.
Most cels have a portion of light color. That is due to the scanning. Hey Check out
my site The Lookout

News & Updates

8/6/2002Hello all Anime Cel fans. Sorry but i have had to put my website address on most of the cels because a THIEF used my images without asking me first. Sorry.
7/23/2002Most of My Personal Cels Have Been Uploaded Now. I Hope You Enjoy Them. If you want to trade any I might be willing.
7/22/2002The Lookout Anime Cel Gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
Bomberman 7/23/2002
DBZ Movies 7/22/2002
DragonBall GT (Grand Tour) 7/22/2002
Dragonball Z 7/22/2002
Medabots 8/6/2002
Other 8/2/2002
Outlaw Star 7/23/2002
Pretty Sammy (Tenchi) 8/6/2002
Tenchi Muyo! 8/2/2002
Virtua Fighter 7/23/2002
YAT Anshin! 7/23/2002

Curator: neolookout
Gallery Created: 7/22/2002
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